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About Us

At Awareness Academy, our mission is to passionately empower and educate youth through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). We are driven by our commitment to provide high quality programs that foster personal development, well being, and positive connections within schools and communities.

You Cannot Be

Let us guide your school in SEL Social and Emotional Learning

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Students & Teachers Face New Challenges


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Mental Health

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Burn Out

Educators and students today bear significant burdens. Navigating academic and social demands, as well as the challenges of personal growth and establishing a sense of identity and connection, can be tough.

We need a response that addresses the overall health and sustainability of learning environments and supports the well-being of every educator, student, and member of the school community.

    Our Why   

Social Emotional Learning

Awareness Academy Programs for Kids include Social Emotional Learning through Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Aikido and Fun! Children receive enormous benefits from our SEL Programs. Physically, it enhances their flexibility...

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Mindfulness Teacher Training

Our Certified Mindfulness Teacher Training Program will help develop your staff into the next level of well-rounded education. Our professional program is a thorough, and progressive Teacher Training course that offer...

Faculty Inservice

Our Faculty Inservice Day Programs are designed with educators, staff, and administration in mind. This addition gives those at the forefront of education to learn techniques, skills, and approaches to eliminate burn out and mental stress...

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Free Intro

All sessions at Awareness Academy adopt an secular approach and our programs are designed to cater to your class level and ability. Our approach is to unify your breathe and movement, improve your focus and concentration, and help your students...

What Our Clients Say

Another 5th Grader received 5 days of suspension from August to December. Once Awareness Academy started partnering with our school, this young gentleman had no suspensions until the end of the year.

I recall both students last year outside of their classroom doing stretches Awareness Academy taught them in replacement of challenging behavior.

Geoffrey Munch, M.A.T. BCBA

Our Trusted Partners

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