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Social and Emotional Learning

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Our Story

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Awareness Academy is committed to enhancing the well-being of teachers, students, and communities through mindfulness and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in school curriculums. Founded in 2016 by Christian Devine, initially known for successful Yoga Teacher Trainings, the academy evolved to focus on guiding youth through SEL techniques.


In 2018, a pivotal moment occurred when an educator, after completing the Yoga Teacher Training, proposed introducing SEL classes. This marked the beginning of Awareness Academy's transformative journey, expanding its influence to multiple school districts in the Sacramento area.The academy's impact extends beyond student sessions, with Staff Trainings fostering a holistic well-being approach within educational communities.

Our Approach

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Integrative School Day Programs

Offering programs during normal school hours not only seamlessly integrates Social and Emotional Learning into the academic day, but also aligns with staff prep periods.

This unique approach benefits both students and staff, enhancing the overall curriculum and creating a harmonious partnership between Awareness Academy, the students, and the community.

In Person & Interactive Learning

Our commitment to hands - on tutelage is coupled with a strong emphasis on in -person interactions. Recognizing the importance of direct engagement.

In person learning is crucial for optimal learning and development that fosters a deeper connection with students, enhancing the effectiveness of our programs.

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Empowering Educators & Staff

Beyond direct student engagement, we stand out by prioritizing the empowerment of teachers and staff. Our commitment extends to providing training and resources, equipping educators to independently integrate Social and Emotional Learning into their teaching practices.

This approach ensures a sustainable and lasting impact, not only on students but on behalf of the wellbeing of staff and the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to passionately empower and educate youth through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). We are driven by our commitment to provide high quality programs that foster personal development, well being, and positive connections within schools and communities.

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We Guarantee

We guarantee transformative experience for schools, students, and educators by enhancing overall social and emotional well being and fostering an environment conducive to improved academic and athletic success.

Our Values

Passion for Education

Our deep commitment and enthusiasm for education drives us to create engaging environments that ignite curiosity and interest for students and educators. 

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We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high -quality programs, setting a standard that ensures the effectiveness of our initiatives in developing emotional intelligence and social skills.

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To provide unwavering support and positive reinforcement is at the heart of our approach. Encouragement builds confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of belonging.

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Collaboration is woven into our DNA. We work seamlessly with schools, teachers, and staff to create a unified approach, modeling social skills, effective communication, and cooperation to reach a common goal.

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Positive Impact

Our mission is to create a meaningful and beneficial effect on individuals and communities. Through our programs, we aim to enhance emotional well-being, foster social connections, and contribute to overall life satisfaction for students and the broader community.

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